Counselling Sessions with Terry Littlewood

At Senara Wellbeing, we prioritise your mental health and emotional balance, guiding you toward a state of harmony and understanding within yourself. Our counselling sessions, led by our experienced in-house counsellor Terry, offer a safe and supportive environment for self-exploration and healing.

Terry combines a warm, empathetic approach with years of counselling expertise to help you navigate through life's challenges. Whether you are facing stress, anxiety, grief, or any other emotional hurdle, Terry is here to listen and provide insightful guidance.

Sessions Details:

Duration: Each session lasts for about 50 minutes, with the frequency and total number of sessions tailored according to your needs.

Setting: Enjoy our calming, comfortable, and confidential space in Thetford, Norfolk, designed to promote an atmosphere of tranquillity and openness.

Method: Through a person-centred approach, Terry helps unravel the patterns of your thoughts and behaviours, encouraging a profound self-awareness and a path towards healing.

CALL TERRY TODAY ON - 07772 242073

Benefits of Counselling

Personal Insight

Discover more about yourself, your relationships, and your reactions to the world around you.


Start your healing journey from past traumas or current emotional struggles, guided by a professional.

Coping Strategies

Learn practical coping mechanisms to handle stress, anxiety, or depression.

What to Expect:

Your journey begins with an initial consultation with Terry to discuss your concerns, set goals, and develop a personalised counselling plan. As you proceed through your sessions, Terry's compassionate guidance will help foster a deeper understanding of your experiences, empowering you with the tools to move forward in life with resilience and optimism.

Take the first step towards a balanced, fulfilling life. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Terry or to learn more about our counselling services at Senara Wellbeing.

How much does counselling cost?



/ session

We are transparent about our pricing. Sessions are £45 each and paid for in advance. How many sessions you will need will differ from person to person and will be discussed at your initial session.

Reduced Rate


/ session

This is a special reduced rate for those on lower incomes. You will be asked to provide proof of income in order to take advantage of this rate.


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